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We found Linda's Cakery at a local bridal show and were very excited about having her make our wedding cake. During the consultation, Linda was professional and seemed easy to work with. However, a couple days later, problems started to arise. First, a phone call asking us to make a payment that we had already previously made at the consultation. When we informed her of this, we were told it must have been misplaced. It must be noted that apparently Linda's record keeping skills are... Well, non-existent, because that was followed by multiple calls asking questions that were already discussed either during the consultation, or during one of the previous calls. A week before the wedding we even received a call asking what our colors were. That was one of the first things discussed at the consultation. Now on to the product itself, we ordered one of her signature cakes called the "Topsy Turvy" in "shades of purple". Now we admittedly must have given too much artistic freedom when it comes to color choice. Because, as we say "shades of purple", what must have been heard was blue and pink. Upon arriving at the tent for the reception, I approached Linda with the intention of finding out whether she had mistakenly delivered our cake to a baby shower, but before I could get a word out, she informed me that "my" cake was falling and that it needed to be cut NOW. Seeing that I have no intention of feeding my guests a main course of cake, I told her to separate the cakes into two pieces to avoid having it end up on the ground. To this, she replied: "I don't care if the cake gets ruined. You don't understand how long I spent putting it together." After conveying to her how little I in fact cared about her "time spent" (that I paid her, far more than I care to admit, for) she split the cakes as asked. We have also had guests come to us afterward and tell us how the cake was already sagging when she brought it out of her car. Something she completely denies. The cake was delicious. The "boy" tiers were chocolate with peanut butter filling. The "girl" tiers were white cake with strawberry. When we went to take the cake stand back the following day, we decided to just voice our complaint and leave. When I brought up the color mistake she pulled out balls of fondant wrapped in red saran wrap (POP QUIZ: Blue + Red =?), slapped them on the table and said "there is your colors". When we brought up the fact that our cake looked clinically depressed, she gave a whole line about the weather and dew points and so on. It was 85 degrees with a 4.5 mph breeze with 48 percent humidity (as per the National Weather Service). When my husband pointed out that it simply was not what we paid for, we were informed that if we were to receive any monetary compensation, it is understood that we will not "go online with this". Then another woman came in yelling about legal documents we would need to sign stating the same. It makes me wonder with all the good reviews and only a few bad, how many Linda's Cakery customers leave with hush money because, the cake tasted good, but the service left a bad taste in my mouth.

Here is a picture of our cake. If you can find the purple, you're not color blind.

(Hint: It's the ribbon and the table cloth.)


Monetary Loss: $1040.

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Southwest Brevard Cnty, Florida, United States #1060281

If you folks spent over a 1000. Dollars for that cake i would be more than upset. This is a big problem in the country we all settle for unacceptable products and services and then complain.


Linda has horrible, HORRIBLE, customer service. I also ordered something, and when I went to pick it up the cost was about double because it took her longer to make than she expected.

News flash Linda, when you quote someone a price, you have to stick with that price. If you messed up on your quote, that's your problem and you should suck up that cost. Don't quote a cheaper price just to get the job in the first place.

She's just a ***. Never use her again.

Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States #856418

Linda's Cakery is a complete disaster. She is a liar and has horrible customer service skills.

I went with her for my wedding cake and received losses of about $500 because I was extremely disappointed in the cake that we received as well. Linda is not only rude but she will add extra costs to your cake THE DAY BEFORE YOUR WEDDING. I, like Nicole, received such terrible service that I plan to post it everywhere I can online. Perhaps Linda is unaware of the concept 'word of mouth' but I suggest she learns how to run her business like a professional human being.

I will absolutely never recommend her to anyone that I know (which is quite a few people in the Hershey community and being at the age of 23, she will be missing out on A LOT of potential brides because of her terrible service and poor attitude)

Also, reading Linda's response below is typical of her. She likes to add things into the "contract" that were not in there to begin with. She told us she would do multiple things for free during our consultation and then the day before the wedding I received a phone call saying that I owed her how ever much extra money because she didn't put the word FREE in the contract.

Way to find a way around that one, Linda. I personally believe that Linda's Cakery doesn't every deserve to be in business.


Well Nicole really has a high opinion of her cake but what you don't know is she was explained before she signed the contract that if the weather in hot and humid the cake will not hold up.I also told her and it is written in the contract There is no guarantee for any outside event. I'm sorry the cake didn't work but the fondant was simply melting in the heat.

I won't put fondant on a cake 1/2" thick because it will taste gummy.

As per Nicole's opinion at least she said it did taste good. Thanks Nicole.

to Linda's Cakery #981364

My cake was falling when it came out of your vehicle... Maybe you should have had the air conditioning running in your car.

The cake I ordered was to be shades of purple. Not pink and blue. The cake I ordered was shown to me as a professional looking cake that was worth the monies I was willing to spend. The cake you gave me was falling apart before it even hit my reception area.

I had numerous guests tell me the icing was falling long before you put it on the table. Let me remind you. The pictures of the cake were taken as you were putting it together. Anyone who knows anything about cakes will tell you they do not start falling within minutes of being set up.

My "high opinion" of my cake is more of an opinion of your "high" or should I saw low expectations of what you perceive as good customer service. I have seen some of your cakes. I think some of the ones you showcase are actually the cakes of your "interns" that you try to pass off as your own. Only to make the poor bride cry on her most important date because you are a fraud.

I suggest you go back to school!

While you're there maybe you can take a class on integrity and ethics.

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